Rabu, 07 November 2007


FPI has positioned itself as a Pressure Group in Indonesia, which has contributed in influencing country’s leaders to also actively take role in improving and maintaining moslem’s morale and faith as well as to take initiative in building social, political, and law infrastructure which is in line with Islamic syariah.
(Habib Rizieq, Leader of Islamic Defenders Front, 2007).

Islam Position and Potential Should be Seen From A Right and Fair Perspective

Understanding Islam from the right perspective is the correct way to understand Moslem’s motive and reaction toward present social and political issues in this world. Islam is not a religion which encourage for a conflict, war, anger, anarchism or even worst, terrorism. In contrary, Islam is teaching the universe all morale values to behave as a good person which is acceptable and applicable to all mankind. In Al Quran, The Holy-book of Islam, is clearly explained that the existence of Islam in the universe is a Blessing (rahmat) which should be benefited to all mankind in the universe (rahmatan lil alamin). Islamic values are also covering much wider good morale practice and value such a guideline on a good social relationship, morale value that would raise human standard, a guideline for fair political, law, and trading system, a steady continuous environment and energy management.
Islam movement started to exist due to un-justice treatments faced by moslem and the increasing numbers of local and global movements which directly or indirectly are damaging Islamic Faith. An effort to protect moslem values in more structural manner in the form of stronger organization is very crucial as present globalization has turned up to become a new form of colonialization, i.e. in the form of political, cultural, and social pressure to implement a new system/value that is clearly not suitable to be introduced to Indonesian society as the majority of our population is moslem.
Nevertheless, an internal efforts among ‘unclear’ or ‘dishonest’ or ‘fake’ moslem to damage Islam from within is another critical aspect which we need to correct and rectify, such as an effort to expand the plurarity concept into religion and an effort to liberate Islam or/and to interpret Islam wrongly in order to confuse moslem. Islam is very much appreciated the existence of plurarity in social relationship between races, nations, and religions BUT Islam clearly against plurarity approach in an effort to find principle similarity among religions, as we believe our religion is the only One and Unique for Moslem.
Living in harmony with and among other people and society whom hold different religions should be focused on finding the basis to respect each other differences without any anger, suspicious and hate feelings, and this is clearly stated in Islam Holy-book, Al-Qur’an, in surah Al-Kafirun, “To you be your Way, and to me mine”

Moslem Bargaining Position in Indonesia Must Be Respected. This shall be reflected into a higher attention & respect toward our majority right

In Indonesia, as country with moslem as majority, then it is fair and clearly acceptable for moslem to deserve for having a majority and higher bargaining position. This higher bargaining position ought to be reflected into a more significant’s moslem collective right, such as moslem right to have social environment which is free from various social issues against Islamic values like pornography, gambling, drugs, etc. It is a fair request too as majority if moslem are asking and demanding for their collective right from government such as to adopt some of the Islamic values (Syariah) which is universal and not against the other religions, into country’s social and law regulations.
Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) is a Pressure Group to country’s leader to make initiative in implementing Islamic values into country and social life.

We must be aware that the Indonesian Law and Political system tends to be secular and is not accomodating properly an Islamic value into country’s law and regulations. The fact that a thief must be punished is already in line with part of Islamic values, but the fact that prostitution must be banned could be justified as an acceptable situation by other set of multi perception regulations, which is clearly not in line with Islamic values. In the area which far from the control of proper law regulations as such, then FPI will play role to do various solution approach so that Islamic values can be applied in comprehensive way. Other social issues such as pornography industry and gambling must be treated firmly both through a legal approach and political pressure. Ignorance toward this social crimes and issues would be potential to generate social issue which eventually is damaging various basic principles of morale values and moslem faith. All kind of social issues will become FPI priority to rectify and correct it in structural way.

FPI position as member of society is to assist law enforcement officer in an active or pro-active approach through information, direct support, law and political pressure, and a clear agenda to encourage a better law enforcement and implementation in this country.
The better of law & regulations quality and enforcement in the country then the lesser FPI role to control and fight for improvement and implementation of social law & regulation within our vision and mission.

Implementation of Amar Ma’ruf Nahi Munkar is the foundation for FPI movement in establishing Syariah values into Indonesian society

An implementation of syariah Islam in Indonesia, whether in substantial or formal output, is the main vision of FPI. Among available alternatives to achieve the vision, FPI strategy is firm and stands clearly toward the implementation of amar ma’ruf nahi munkar, i.e systematic effort to remind and encourage moslem to apply their Islamic values comprehensively, and to guard moslem not to be involved with any activity that would potentially influence their morale and faith. This strategy is adopted as in 1998 when FPI was founded there was no any Islamic movement/organization ever involved, in principle and/orconceptual approach, to the area of amar ma’ruf nahi munkar implementation.
Effort to fill up the gap in this movement is using a systematic and organizational action to fullfil moslem collective responsibility in eliminating crimes and social issues. This is according to Mighty Allah statement in Al Quran in surah Ali Imran (3):104 : “Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong : They are the ones to attain felicity”.
In order to maintain FPI movement to stick to its original value and vision, FPI will not be involved to political practices or supported any political organization in the country. FPI is also not affiliating or cooperating in structural manner with any other organization either local or international. The motive to achieve for an implementation of syariah Islam is a justifiable target, while the action steps to fight for it shall be done according to law and regulation of the country.